Laboratory Sciences
Laboratory Sciences

At OBiO, we provide vector design, viral packaging and functional genomics research services for academic researchers and gene therapy developers at pre-clinical stage. Our professional team of scientists will help you address the obstacles in your biomedical research and continuously improve your existing products.

Artificial constructed plasmid DNA is one of the most commonly used vector tools for gene therapy research. At OBiO, our reliable development team will help you design, construct and manufacture plasmid for functional genomics research and viral packaging. We provide you with efficient vector construction services in a shorten delivery cycle, optimize your molecule cloning operation with reduced time and cost, and advance the progress of your research project. All customized plasmid products are regulated with strict internal quality controls to ensure that our product fulfills your design requirements.
Viral Vector
Viral vectors are widely used as gene transduction tools in biomedical research and gene therapy product development. At OBiO, we provide the design, construction and packaging services for adeno-associated virus, adenovirus, lentivirus, and retrovirus. We will help you complete a variety of biomolecular operations for your gene of interest, including overexpression, interference, knock-out, cell marking and physiological regulation, fully meeting your diversified demands in your study.
Experiment Solutions
“Bridging resources for life science” as our commitment, we provide a wide spectrum of contract research services for functional genomics studies including stable producer cell line construction at laboratory phase, cell biology experiments, animal model construction, and parameter testing, as well as other specialty services for exosome, CRISPR/Cas9 library and non-coding RNA.
  • Cell Biology
  • Stable Cell Line
  • Animal Studies
Related Products
In addition to our contract research service, we provide in-stock virus vectors, proteins, gRNA library, and relevant reagent, meeting your research demand from different aspects.
  • In-stock viral vectors
  • In-stock protein and relevant reagents
  • gRNA library
Extracellular Vesicle
Our services for extracellular vesicle include isolation, identification, and functional research at the laboratory stage. For samples from different sources, our scientist team has developed multiple isolation solutions which have been successfully applied in samples of cells, body fluids and tissue exosomes such as cerebrospinal fluid, urine, brain tissue and liver.
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